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Hi there,

When I compile, install and run Samba 2.0.5a on an AIX 4.3.2 box it won't
really start. The log files of both smd and nmbd complains about fcntl
locking on the .pid files failing. Can this has to do with the problem you
had spotted? How would I get past it you think?


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> Subject: 2.0.5a configure bug fcntl test on automounted source dir
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> Hello,
> I believe that I have found a bug in the 2.0.5a configure process.  If
> the source tarball is extracted to an automounted directory, and you
> run configure, it will fail the fcntl_lock test, resulting in this
> message at the end of the configure process:
>   WARNING: No locking available. Running Samba would be unsafe
> To verify that the automounted directory is the problem, I put an
> "exit 1" in the configure script after the fcntl_lock conftest program
> was compiled (~line 8558), but before it was run.  I then tried this
> command:
>   if ( ./conftest ); then echo success; fi
> which echoed nothing.  I then copied conftest to /tmp and tried the
> above command again, which resulted in the echo of "success".  I then
> extracted the tarball to /tmp, and configure ran fine.
> If the directory is automounted from the local machine, there is no
> problem.  I have reproduced the problem when it is automounted from a
> Redhat Linux 6.0 box to a Solaris 2.5 box, as well as if it is
> automounted from an OSF/1 box to a Solaris box.
> I have reproduced the problem with Solaris 2.5, SunOS 4.1.3, and OSF/1
> 4.0.  I have never seen this problem in any previous versions of
> Samba, from 1.9.16 up to 2.0.2.  I have not been able to test 2.0.3 or
> 2.0.4, because I cannot seem to locate them on the ftp site, which
> means that I am not sure if this bug was introduced in 2.0.3, 2.0.4,
> or 2.0.5.
> If there is any more information that I can provide, please ask.  I
> have not stepped through conftest with a debugger, mainly because I
> have never done so in a multithreaded app, which the fcntl conftest
> executable is.
> Thanks,
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