Cannot remove Printjob from Queue

Michael Köhler mk at
Wed Sep 22 12:31:55 GMT 1999

we have Samba 2.0.4b on Solaris 7 with NT4-Clients Sp4/5, the same
happens with 2.0.5a on Solaris 2.6
We want to manage Printjobs from the NT-Clients and  defined the
commands lpq and lprm. The print queues are located on the Unix-box.
Every user can see the printjobs by doubleclicking on the network
printer symbol.
The name of the printjob in the queue is not the real name, you see, if
you are logged on the unix machine. On the NT machine you see instead
the username. Canceling the printjob on the NT machine does nothing.
Does NT try to cancel a job, named with the username??
Performing the the cancel command defined in smb.conf on the unix
machine works without problems.

Canceling printjobs worked on solaris 2.6 until I applied  the latest
lp-patch. On Solaris 7 it worked never.

Parameters in smb.conf:
printing = sysv
printcap name = /opt/samba/printcap
print command = echo Printing %s >> /u07/printtmp/print.log; lp -o
nobanner -d %p %s
lpq command = lpstat -o%p
lprm command = cancel %p-%j
load printers = yes
socket options = TCP_NODELAY
dead time = 60
getwd cache = yes
lock directory = /var/opt/samba/locks
share modes = yes

comment = HP-5N-Marketing
browseable = yes
printable = yes
printer = HP5N_MARK
printer driver = HP Laserjet 5N
path = /u07/printtmp
public = yes
writeable = no
create mode = 0700

Anyone an idea? Please could you send your answers with cc to me.
Michael Koehler
G.C. HAHN & Co.
Coordinationsges. mbH
Aegidienstrasse 22
23552 Lübeck

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