NT Workstation 4.0 accessing SAMBA Server, extra passwords !!!

sramirez at dimetronic.es sramirez at dimetronic.es
Wed Sep 22 11:28:55 GMT 1999

Hi Samba World.

I have a problem with Windows NT 4.0, accessing a SAMBA Server ...

I have 3 Linux machines running a SAMBA Server 2.05a :

ZEUS (Authentication Server - NIS Server) It keeps all my logins/passwords...
COLON( Data Server - NIS Client)
ODIN (Application Server - NIS Client)

With Windows 95/98, I can authenticate into SAMBA Domain Server (ZEUS) and can
map Network Drives to COLON and ODIN, OK.

With Windows NT 4.0 I must supply a password for each new Network Connection at
each new Host (COLON, ODIN, ZEUS).

If I put into NT 4.0 User Profile a Network Connection, for example F:
\\COLON\APLICACIONES, I can connect later to others shares into COLON,
but when I try to  connect to ZEUS or ODIN, I must supply a password so this
password is the same.

If I want Windows NT 4.0 gets the same behavior that Win 95/95, I must run this
when I log into :

NET USE \\ZEUS <password>          So I will be able to connect all shares into
ZEUS without supply a new password, etc.
NET USE \\COLON <password>    etc (COLON)
NET USE \\ODIN <password>          etc (ODIN)

Please, Does Anybody know how to change into NT 4.0 to change this behavior ????

Thanks in advance ....



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