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Sean Cole scole at
Mon Sep 20 23:47:12 GMT 1999

I posted a question earlier about browsing between 2 subnets and didn't get
any responses so I try again with a little more info.

The 2 subnets are connected using 2 linux boxes and PPP over an ISDN phone 
line.  The first subnet,  192.168.1, has a WinNT WINS server.  The browse 
list from the NT server is showing all computers from 192.168.1, and only the 
Samba server from the other subnet.

The other subnet, 192.168.2, has a Samba server acting as a local master
browser.  Computers on both subnets are showing up in the Samba server's
browse list, but the Samba server's  browse list doesn't get updated with 
respect to the 192.168.1 subnet as computers come and go.

Setting the debug level to 4 for nmbd and looking at the log shows

dump_workgroups: dump workgroup on subnet  netmask=
        COMPANY(1) current master browser = SAMBA
                SAMBA 40049a03 (Samba Server)
                BOB 40412003 (Bob )
                MIKE O 40412003 (MIKE )
dump_workgroups: dump workgroup on subnet  UNICAST_SUBNET:  netmask=
        COMPANY(1) current master browser = UNKNOWN
                SAMBA 40019a03 (Samba Server)
                BETH   412003 (Beth )
                BILL   412003 (Bill )
		NT1    6100b ()

NT1 is the wins server.  SAMBA is the samba server.

Why might samba think the current master browser is unknown in the NT1 
subnet?  Using 
	smbclient -L NT1 -U '' -N -B 
shows the Master as NT1.

I have set 
	remote announce = # address of the wins server.
in smb.conf.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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