Print Issue with HP 1120C

John LeMay jlemay at
Mon Sep 20 23:25:18 GMT 1999

A week or so ago I posted an issue about printing from my Linux/Samba
2.0.5a box to a Win98 print queue that ends up at an HP Deskjet 1120C. I
have since managed to enable printing, however only in PostScript mode
(I am using the RedHat printtool util to test). PostScript looks pretty
darn good, however sending an ascii job to the queue results in the
printed line "If this is all you see, try enabling 'LF->CR/LF'
translation in printtool." which we have all seen before (right?).
Problem is, it is already enabled. It seems that perhaps the CR is being
stripped somehow?

If anyone has an idea how I can get this to work in ascii mode from
Samba, I'd greatly appreciate it! Heck, I'd love just a hint or two!

John J. LeMay Jr.

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