Backup problems resolved!

Michael Doerner michael.doerner at
Mon Sep 20 19:04:43 GMT 1999


I've been searching for a Windows based backup solution for the SAMBA
shares on my Linux server (a Cobalt Qube) since last November, trying
both Seagate Backup Exec and ARCserve but with no success.  I've been
monitoring this list and tried most of the suggestions, but nothing came

I'm pleased to say that I've found a solution that works for me ... Dantz
have finally release Retrospect for Windows.  For the full scoop, check
out <>.  You can even download a fully functional
demo (7.8 Mb) which will work for 30 days.  The kit also includes a pdf
version of the documentation.

The only thing missing is a Linux Agent/Client, but thats not a big issue
for me ... its a nice to have.

Cheers,  Malcolm

Have you had a look also into "Arkeia" backup software from Knox software?
They have servers for all OS and also all different client GUI's. I find it
a very good software.

Just an idea.

Michael Doerner

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