Printing troubles.

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Mon Sep 20 13:03:47 GMT 1999


I've recently set up LPRng on my system in preparation for moving my
organisation to a Samba/Linux based printing solution. I have a test
printer properly set up, and issuing lpr commands from the command line
works fine. I also have Samba set up with domain security and all the
file sharing is also working OK.

Whenever I try to print a test page to my Samba shared printer, I get
the following error message from NT:-

Test page failed to print. Would you like to view the print trouble
shooter for assistance? The filename, directory name, or volume label
syntax is incorrect.

Needless to say, the NT troubleshooter is it's normal laughable self,
and I'm unable to figure out what's going on at the moment. Any help
would be much appreciated.

LPRng 3.6.10
Samba 2.0.3

printcap entry for the printer in question:-

  :cm=LaserJet 4000N in Room 23:\

smb.conf entry for same:-

        path = /tmp
        print ok = Yes


P.S. Please can you cc me any responses by email, as I'm only on the
digested version of this list.

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