SMB and DNS.

Anderson Silva afsilva at
Sun Sep 19 00:11:36 GMT 1999

I run 3 linux box at my university, and the rest of the machines are all
NT boxes.

I have had samba running on all three machines just fine for almost one
year now. But this summer, I have set up one of the machines as a
DNS server for our intranet.

The DNS server is working fine, but samba has stopped working. I have
gone through every single test in the DIAGNOSIS.TXT, but nothing really

When I try to map to the DNS sever from a WINDOWS NT machine I get a
Semaphore error. And when I try to map from a linux machines it hangs
for about 30 seconds and says Session failed. not able to connect to

I have gone through all sorts of palces, and I cannot make it work. Oh,
the funny thing is thatif I stop the named daemon, then all the mapping
starts working automatically.....

BTW, I am running RH 6.0


Anderson Silva

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