Support of domain groups

Matthew Miller mmiller at
Thu Sep 16 15:09:22 GMT 1999

We are running Solaris 7 with Samba 2.05a on the server side.  The
clients are running a mix of Win 9x and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation.  We
are adding a document management tool on a NT 4.0 Server sp5
(stand-alone) box.  All these boxes are in the same domain.

We want only "special" NT workstation users to access this app.  In
order for this application to run, the application's directory has been
shared out.  We've done this successfully and are able to create our
network map from the client.  But, we need to restrict access to a
certain group (mapping works when "EVERYONE" has sharing permissions).
Since we don't have an NT domain controller (our app server is a
stand-alone), we are having problems with mapping unix groups over to
NT.  We don't want to create duplicate local accounts on the NT Server
due to the increased administration headaches.

We attempted to configure the "map group" variable in the admin. page,
in accordance with the man pages and Gerald Carter's book.  It didn't
work; the group is not seen by the NT Server when setting the share
permissions.  Is this support available in the latest and greatest
(2.05a)?  Will it be available soon?  Is there a work around?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Matt Miller
Systems Administrator
mmiller at

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