smbtar help needed

Matthew Jamison xmj at
Thu Sep 16 13:10:50 GMT 1999

I am attempting to pipe the output of smbtar into gzip in a script. The
problem that I have is that smbtar echo's out "Params count: 11" before
sending the information out to gzip.  This causes the tar file to have a
"tar: directory checksum error" error.  Is there any way I can get smbtar
not to report the Params count?  The following is the command I am using.

/opt/local/samba/bin/smbtar -l0 -s melchizedek -p ****** -x backup -u
root -t - | gzip - > melchizedek.tgz

When I run this from the command prompt this is not a problem but I need to
automate this.  Please advise.


Matthew Jamison              xmj at
System Administrator    Cypress Semiconductor
601-324-4609                           (CSDC)

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