How do people cycle/archive logfiles?

Robert Franklin r.c.franklin at
Thu Sep 16 11:33:35 GMT 1999


I'm just wondering how other people cycle and archive their Samba 
logfiles.  We're running 2.0.5a which I understand has a bug which causes 
the logfiles not to be closed/reopened (after cycling the names to .old).

Currently, I've got a 'max log size' and I check every so often to see if 
any .old files have appeared, rename to include the date/time and zip up 
into an archive directory.

That is a bit annoying because:

  - I have to check every few minutes for .old files

  - the intervals between archived files is dependant on logfile size
    (which is not actually so bad, really, I suppose)

  - if there is a lot of log activity, we run the risk of a .old file 
    being overwritten because it is not archived quick enough

We generally log by day on other services.

I was wondering what other people do to get some ideas...

(I understand the HUP log cycling bug has been fixed and I'll be able to 
HUP smbd each night for daily logs.)

  - Bob

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