mounting NT 4.0 WS shares w/Linux

kiko kiko at
Thu Sep 16 02:54:40 GMT 1999

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Matthew Vanecek wrote:

> Error messages 
> me2v:reliant me2v$ ls winnt
> ls: winnt: Input/output error

Interesting, since I've had the _same_ problem ever since _I_ upgraded to
samba2. I wonder if it hasn't bothered enough people yet! :)

> I don't know if this is technically a Linux problem or if it's a samba
> problem, since historically smbmount has not been officially part of
> samba (although it's distributed and compiled with samba), so I wasn't
> sure who to post to.  Hopefully, someone has found a fix, or at least
> knows what the problem is...

When posting about six months ago I ran into the same difficulties; the
samba people suggested either bland workarounds or switching to smbfs
(which was a valid suggestion, although not what I was aiming for). This
unsupported nature of smbmount is a pain - I just wonder why everybody
shuns it.

The whole smbmount area is very murky; the switch to new commandline
parameters/format was not really publicized and it made a whole load of
people wonder - see the lists when samba2 was released. The new syntax is
convoluted IMHO, and yet there has been no sign of integration with the
official mount, which does support mounting various filesystem types. Why
is anybody's guess - one cause might be the not-exactly-simple aspect
of samba. Not that this is _samba_'s fault in itself, just that the
consequence is that it's hard to hack on.

> Incidentally, I'm pretty sure it's not an NT service pack problem, since
> this has been a recurring problem with no service packs, and with SP3-5.

Aye, I've done the same tests with the same results always. It doesn't
happen with plain Win95 sharing, at any rate.


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