smbfs mounted files created owned by root?

Peter J. Holzer hjp at
Tue Sep 14 19:33:46 GMT 1999

On 1999-09-15 05:15:51 +1000, Mark E. Drummond wrote:
> "Peter J. Holzer" wrote:
> > 
> > As far as I can tell, this seems to work. I can choose any user on the
> > client (if I am root on the client) and I can choose those users of the
> > server, whose password I know (I.e., I can connect as root, but then I
> > need the root password on the server).
> What I am getting is, I connect as 'myself' (using my network account)
> but any files I create on the mounted share, while they look like they
> are owned by me on the client, if I go to the server the files are
> actually created owned by root:

Yep, I understood that. It's just that I cannot reproduce it. For me
(smbmount on Redhat 6.0 samba-client-2.0.5a-1.i386.rpm, Server
samba-2.0.5a on Redhat 6.0 or HP-UX) works as expected.

> Moreover, I _cannot_ mount/unmount as a normal user unless smbmnt (not
> smbmount) and smbumount are SUID root:

Yep. Seems that Redhat mixed up the permissions.

> signals:~$ smbmount //sol1/drummonm ./tmp -U drummonm
and you are using drummonm's password, I trust?

I'd check the samba server configuration and log files on the server
first, to see if there is something suspicious. At log level 3 you
should get a good idea, who the server thinks you are.


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