oplock_break problem

Eric Sisler esisler at westminster.lib.co.us
Mon Sep 13 16:46:09 GMT 1999

Tridge <tridge at linuxcare.com>

>> There are so many great features in Samba 2.0.x, I'd really like to
>> start using it in production.  I hope the Samba team can come up
>> with a solution to this problem eventually, but to this point I get
>> the feeling they don't even recognize this as a problem.
>We would love to fix this, but as yet nobody has given us a
>reproducible test case. As soon as we can reproduce this we will
>probably be able to fix it. Thus far we haven't even got enough
>information to determine if it is a client or server bug.

It's a deal.  ;-)  Let me throw together a test server with all the correct
versions on it and I'll see what I can do to make the problem
reproduceable.  Let me know what other information would be helpful to
isolate the problem.


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