Solaris printer filter incantation?

Michael James michael.james at
Mon Sep 13 04:29:54 GMT 1999

Dear Steve,

> 	sorry to ask this question, which is really about Solaris printer
> administration, here but i've looked everywhere else i can think of to no
> avail.  i've got a LaserJet 1100 hooked up to a Solaris box and i want to
> print to it from W98 clients.  for this to happen, the PCL coming from the
> W98 boxes needs to be passed through the print system unmolested.  i can't
> figure out the correct set of filters to place in /etc/lp/fd and the
> correct lpadmin incantations to make this happen.

When creating an HP printer say:

 lpadmin -p <HP-printer-name> -I "simple,postscript,pcl"

Then set:

 print command = lp -c -d %p -T pcl %s; rm %s

IE: declare all samba jobs of type pcl and all HPs capable of type pcl.

Instead of the lpadmin command you could edit the /etc/lp/printers/printername/configuration
   file and set:

   Content types: simple,postscript,pcl

Then lpshut; lpsched the system.

I also have pcl2ps installed using lpfilter.
It's a perl filter I wrote
 that strips pcl headers off the postscript jobs
 created by the postscript HP drivers
 allowing them to be printed on postscript printers.

Hope this is of some use,

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