oplock_break problem

Roman Blöth bloeth at gosub.de
Thu Sep 9 16:15:10 GMT 1999

>> I agree with you, I had this problem with samba-2.0.x and up. Never had
>> with 1.9.18. No network changes.
>> But JA told me,  many times... :-), that the oplock code has not changed
>> from 1.9.x to 2.0.x.
> Ditto.  We have also had the same problem with 2.0.x and up.  With 1.9.18
> everything with oplocks seemed to work fine, but as soon as we upgraded to
> the 2.0 series we started getting Oplock break resends and failures.
> We've just disabled oplocks all-together. :(

Well, just for the stats: Exactly the same phenomenon here...

Roman.Hallo Bruce,

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