Windows can't browse Samba server

Mark Symmonds msymmonds at
Wed Sep 8 15:52:39 GMT 1999

I have two Samba servers and three Windows clients (two 95 and one NT).
One Samba server has been running for a while and is having no problems.
I just installed a new Linux box and loaded up Samba (2.0.3). After
configuring it to act as a PDC, WINS server, and master browser, I fired
it up. Everything seems to be working fine, except no Windows clients
can see the Samba server via Network Neighborhood, ping, or Find
Computer. Samba passed tests 1,3,4,5 (for the other Samba server as
ACLIENT), 6 (for the Samba servers), and 7. The Windows clients can see
all the other machines (including the older Samba server), so I am
assuming the Samba server is providing master browser services (and
log.nmb reports that it is the domain and local master browser). smb is
reporting no errors all the way to debug level 10.  Any ideas?

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