multiple interfaces

Tom Priore tpp109 at
Wed Sep 8 06:02:23 GMT 1999

I'm having a problem getting samba to work on 2 interfaces
I have a machine set up with 2 nics. It is a red hat linux 6.0 computer
running samba 2.0.5a. The machine is set up as a firewall so that the
computers on the local side are protected from all those evil people on the
@home network:)

previously the machine was set up only to share on the internal network, and
it worked great. now though the machine needs to be accessed by someone on
the external network, so i changed my interface line my adding the 2nd nics
ip with a /24 after it, and added the users ip to the host allow list.

it didnt work. so then i figured i'll test one thing at a time. i dissable
the host allow, letting every one in. it still didnt work.

i can ping the user on the external network.

Thanks for any help.

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