weird printing problems.

cbrink cbrink at
Tue Sep 7 15:37:49 GMT 1999

I just sent a message on this to this group under RE: LP Print Service

> I'm experiencing some weird printing problems with samba connected
> printers.  When I'll bring up a 95/98 workstation, sometimes
> it will say
> that the printer is offline, when it clearly isn't, or it will see
> everything fine, but it simply won't print.
> These are remote lpd connected printer to the samba server,
> and lpd can
> print fine.  These are JetDirect HP printers.
> Any troubleshooting tips?  I thought perhaps the spool names
> would have
> something to do with it.  The shares and the spools are weird names to
> help aviod user confusion.
> [Bull Pen Printer]
> [Hall Way Printer]
> Thanks
> -jeremy
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