SAMBA digest 2224

Gart Nixon gart at
Mon Sep 6 20:59:16 GMT 1999

> 	Hmmn: just what I did in a previous life for a new
> 	community of NFS v3 users at York University (in Canada)
> 	Send me mail: we can probably do some useful monitoring.
> 	The general answer to the question: write a program
> 	or script to poll the smb status information at 5-15
> 	minute intervals to get the shape of the usage curve.
> 	Disk usage can be monitored with ordinary means (quotas,
> 	du scripts), and disk and network i/o can be sampled
> 	with tools like iostat and sar.

There are several programs that will monitor these type of things. A
couple that I've used are MRTG and it's predecessor RRDTool. Pretty sure
if you check you can find links to them.

Just seems like the perfect tool for what you are discussing.


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