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Mon Sep 6 17:01:05 GMT 1999

You wrote:
| When the students arrive in a few weeks, we will have several
| registered samba users and (we anticipate) several hundred
| simultaneous Samba connections.  (This will be our first period of
| significant Samba use.) 
| Our management folks are asking about collecting periodic Samba
| figures.  This is a bit vague, but something like a rolling count of
| simultaneous connections, per-user and/or per-interval disk usage
| have been mentioned.

	Hmmn: just what I did in a previous life for a new
	community of NFS v3 users at York University (in Canada)
	Send me mail: we can probably do some useful monitoring.
	The general answer to the question: write a program
	or script to poll the smb status information at 5-15
	minute intervals to get the shape of the usage curve.
	Disk usage can be monitored with ordinary means (quotas,
	du scripts), and disk and network i/o can be sampled
	with tools like iostat and sar.

	If you happen to be running Solaris, or anything with
	sar and iostat, definitely contact me: 	I'm in the midst
	of a review of performance tools and methods, and can give
	fairly precise advice about system tuning...

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