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Bethany Jane wrote:

> Why does browsing across subnets only work if all of the machines are in
> the same workgroup?


> It works great for computers in our academic subnet, no matter whether the
> windows machines are in the SERVERS workgroup or not, the FACULTY
> workgroup and the SERVERS workgroup (and some other miscellaneous ones)
> show up and are lovely.  However, computers in the dorm subnet can't see
> the SERVERS workgroup if they are in any workgroup besides SERVERS (ie.
> STUDENTS).  Once we change the windows machines to be in the SERVERS
> workgroup, they see the servers just fine.
> Why is this?  Is there anything I can do about it?  Could I maybe get
> another ethernet card in my samba box, put it on the dorm subnet, and then
> make my one little samba box be the domain master browser for both
> subnets?  Would that help?  I tried using Remote Announce, but it didn't
> seem to help.

Who is the domain master for STUDENTS?  (You may not need one).  In the
Remote Anounce parameter append the STUDENTS to the subnet (i.e., because without it, Samba will only look for its
workgroup (i.e., SERVERS).

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