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Bethany Jane bethany at
Thu Sep 2 23:59:56 GMT 1999

Why does browsing across subnets only work if all of the machines are in
the same workgroup?  

We're really a unix and mac campus, but we're trying to support windows
machines by using a samba server to let them print and let the students
access a little chunk of disk space.  

I've got a samba server set up as the workgroup SERVERS, and I've told it
to be a domain master, a preferred master, and to do wins support.  We've
set up our DHCP server to hand out our samba server as the WINS server,
which it does quite nicely.

We decided early on (I think before we understood windows networking (does
anyone ever really?)) that the servers we wanted to offer would go in the
SERVERS workgroup, faculty would go in a FACULTY workgroup, and students
would go in a STUDENTS workgroup.  

It works great for computers in our academic subnet, no matter whether the
windows machines are in the SERVERS workgroup or not, the FACULTY
workgroup and the SERVERS workgroup (and some other miscellaneous ones)
show up and are lovely.  However, computers in the dorm subnet can't see
the SERVERS workgroup if they are in any workgroup besides SERVERS (ie.
STUDENTS).  Once we change the windows machines to be in the SERVERS
workgroup, they see the servers just fine. 

Why is this?  Is there anything I can do about it?  Could I maybe get
another ethernet card in my samba box, put it on the dorm subnet, and then
make my one little samba box be the domain master browser for both
subnets?  Would that help?  I tried using Remote Announce, but it didn't
seem to help.

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