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Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Fri Sep 3 08:11:40 GMT 1999

David Lee said:
> When the students arrive in a few weeks, we will have several 
> thousand registered samba users and (we anticipate) several hundred 
> simultaneous Samba connections.  (This will be our first period of 
> significant Samba use.) 
> Our management folks are asking about collecting periodic Samba usage 
> figures.  This is a bit vague, but something like a rolling count of 
> simultaneous connections, per-user and/or per-interval disk usage 
> etc.  have been mentioned.

OK - here is what we have done:

a) we record in syslog (and this is just a matter of setting up syslog
config) all connections and closes to shares.  I have modified
the code to log connections and closes with facility AUTH to
fit in with our syslog environment.  This can then provide detailed per
user, share, server stats - I have started a perl script to do this, but
still a WiP - however bits of it are available.

b) I run on all our samba servers a little perl script that condenses the
smbstatus output to 1 line and run this at 10 minute intervals to a log
file.  I have another program that can summarise to min average max for
a range of these values.

This programs are available at

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