samba server not showing up in "Network Neighborhood"

Ruben Alvarez Timon ralvarez at
Fri Sep 3 07:28:24 GMT 1999

Hi All,

I have a Sun Solaris 2.6 machine running samba in our LAN.
Then we have several PC's running Windows95. If on any of our PC's
I click on "Network Neighborhood" I can see any other PC but I can't
see the Sun machine. On the other side, if (on the W95 PC) I click
on Start --> Find Computer, the PC is able to find the Sun machine
and then I can connect to any of the services defined on the Sun computer.

Is there any way in which I have to configure samba on the Sun or the PC's so 
that the Sun samba machine shows up in the "Network Neighborhood" ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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