Smbd & nmbd both refuse to start?

Jake Kruse jkruse at
Wed Sep 1 21:09:29 GMT 1999

Hello all -
I'm getting a weird error message on a custom system I'm trying to setup
using SAMBA.  The box is running a slightly modified 2.0.37 linux kernel to
run the entire OS out of a huge (128 MB) ramdrive.  This particular box will
be running for years before anything should fail in it.  Anyhow everything
works fine so far, except neither smbd or nmbd will start with the following
error: unable to get hostname <whatever hostname I try>.  I've even used
localhost as the hostname, but neither smbd or nmbd will run.  I should note
that this particular setup uses stripped down C libraries, but the system I
compiled it on uses the same ones (2.0.7 or 6 I believe.)  So I'm at a loss
as to why I can't get these daemons to start.  All my interfaces are working
fine and there doesn't appear to be any other problems, except getting these
daemons to start.  Can anyone help me out here?  I'd really appreciate it.


Jake Kruse
UNIX/NT Network Administrator
Fox Financial Services Corp.

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