smbfs directory cache broken in 2.2 kernels?

Glenn Burkhardt glenn at
Wed Sep 1 17:13:22 GMT 1999

Using RHL 6.0 (2.2.5 kernel) with Win95 systems, smbfs doesn't recognize
(immediately) changes made on the remote the remote system by a user on the
remote computer.  After a share has been mounted, if some computer other than 
the computer using smbfs to mount the share adds/removes a file to a directory 
the share, an 'ls' of the mounted directory doesn't show the new/removed file.

If the filename of an added file is known, other operations (e.g., copy) can be
done on the file, even though 'ls' doesn't indicate the file is there.

If the computer using smbfs to access the directory does some directory 
e.g. creating a file, the directory listing updates, and the current directory
contents are shown.

This is a change in behavior from the 2.0.36 systems I have running, which
behave as desired (no lag in getting current contents of a directory).

Does anyone know what's changed?  Is there some mount option I've missed to 
disables use of a directory cache?

There are several were a couple of queries in the Samba mailing list archive 
about problems that might be related:

    April Escamilla (aprile at 25 Jun 1999 
	Subject: Smbmount with networked windows system backups
	- notes that backups relying on 'smbmount' didn't completely backup files

    Tony (mlist at 29 Jun 1999
	Subject: smbmount file refreshing
	- notes that file sizes don't get updated when the server changes a
	  log file.


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