Multiple Samba Boxs & Replication.

Andy andy at
Sun Oct 31 20:51:27 GMT 1999


I am considering putting a samba box in each of our 9 individual offices,
now I have some questions that I am finding some difficulties finding
answers to.

Basicly I would like a user to roam between offices being able to logon to
any samba box and access the resources of the local LAN.

I know (from what I have seen in the DOCs) that there is currently no
replication from a Samba PDC to another Samba BDC. But if I used LDAP would
I be able to do this? Or simply copying the smbpasswd file from one machine
to another, say using ftp mirror program? All clients would be win98, so
thats the easy part.

Also does the main Samba code (not the development stuff) support acting as
a PDC for a domain. I really want to get rid of our SBS NT servers for

I am currently using 2.1prealpha on Madrake 6.0/I386. Comments? Suggestions?


The IT Support Guy
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