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Jon Earle jsearle at
Sat Oct 30 22:38:42 GMT 1999

I also set up samba 2.0.5a (binaries from Skunkware) on a SCO 5.0.5 
server.  I have a conf file, but it's on my laptop, and that's downstairs, 
and I'm about to get ready to leave, so I'll dig it up later.  :)  From 
what I remember though, all I changed was:

- the workgroup name,
- turned off browse master
- turned off the printing system
- set the guest user to 'nouser'
- used sharelevel security vs userlevel
- turned off (commented out) the default shares in the conf file
- copied the /tmp share sample, and changed the path and sharename to 
reflect the dir I needed shared.

This is wholly insecure, but it works, is fast, and as this is a tiny 
network, disconnected from the Net, with only a small handful of people 
accessing the smb shares in this fashion (the others access the sco server 
via terminals), it makes sense to run samba in as simple a configuration as 

If you still need a conf file, I'll dig it up for you.


>Does anybody have a working smb.conf for Samba 2.0.5a that I could look
>Currently I'm using Samba binaries that came from the SCO Skunkware web
>site, so its possible that there might be a problem with them, I
>suppose. I intend building a set of binaries for myself, but any other
>hints would be gratefully appreciated.

Jon Earle

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