Virus scanner not scanning files on samba share

cbrink cbrink at
Wed Oct 20 18:45:03 GMT 1999

Check out for the
avp anti-virus program for linux. It scans for dos,windows and office
macro viruses on your shares on your linux/samba box. I've been using
it for a month and has wiped out our macro virus problem. I just set
it up as a cron job.

You do have to rename the definition files to all uppercase when you
get it.

Christian Brink
IT Manager - All Sports Supply
cbrink at

> Right now, on our NT servers, I scan the users' directories
> nightly for
> viruses. I've set up samba 2.05a on a linux server (rh 6.1).
> I've moved a
> couple of users over for testing. Everything seems to be
> working great.
> However, I cannot get our virus scanner (Dr Solomon) to scan
> files on the
> samba shares. It recognizes the share, recognizes the files,
> but reports 0
> out of nnn were scanned. Anyone else had a go at something like

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