password is incorrect

Mirat Satoglu mirat at
Thu Oct 14 18:08:03 GMT 1999

Hi , Surprisingly enough , my samba started not mapping previous days,
giving the error "The pasword is incorrect. Try again later" from windows
98. But the previous week , i could map anything with no problem..So I
started checking samba, searching samba faqs and archives . Diagnosis
tests could not clear the situation for
me , so I decided to upgrade to latest version. Still i have the same
error. From dos prompt , i get the following error when I try test 8 (
net view \\bornova , everything ok upto test 8): 

>The password is invalid for \\BORNOVA\MIRAT. For more information, 
>contact your network administrator. Type the password for

>Error 5: You do not currently have access to this file. The file may be
>marked read-only, or it may be part of a shared resource such as a
>named pipe, a queue, or a semaphore. You can use the ATTRIB command to
>the read-only attribute, or try again later when the file may be

>Type the password for \\BORNOVA\MIRAT:

I can see the server from nw neighborhood but cant access it. Any idea?
Sorry for this long mail.

Mehmet Mirat Satoglu

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