NetApps Toaster w/ SMBCLIENT

wishek at wishek at
Mon Oct 11 23:13:07 GMT 1999

I would like to connect to a NetApps filer using CIFS rather than NFS.   The
filer has CIFS as most users connect with WinNT or Win95/98 machines.  When I
try to connect with smbclient I get the following message:

     session setup failed:  ERRSRV - ERRerror (Non-specific error code.)

I have tried many different options, but an example command-line is:

     smbclient -L TOASTER1 -I <ip> -U wishek -n wishek_laptop -W <workgroup>

The client requests my password, afterwhich I get the above error.

Thanks is advance for your help.


Matthew Wishek, Advisory Engineer
Broadband Engineering
IBM Microelectronics - Encinitas
760-633-1618 x6352

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