NetApp Toaster w/ SMBCLIENT

Benn, Paul paul.benn at
Tue Oct 12 00:12:16 GMT 1999

The problem you describe below is fixed in Data NOTAP 5.3x. If you're on an
older version, you might want to upgrade.

There's another issue, though. The fix for which should be in the next
release of Data ONTAP, which isn't far off (sorry for being vague).

If you're interested in a good NetApp mailing list that's not run by NetApp,
drop an email to: "majordomo at" with "subscribe toasters" in the
body of the message. You can also just send your questions to
toasters at 

Best Regards,

Paul Benn
Network Appliance

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I would like to connect to a NetApps filer using CIFS rather than NFS.   The
filer has CIFS as most users connect with WinNT or Win95/98 machines.  When
try to connect with smbclient I get the following message:

     session setup failed:  ERRSRV - ERRerror (Non-specific error code.)

I have tried many different options, but an example command-line is:

     smbclient -L TOASTER1 -I <ip> -U wishek -n wishek_laptop -W <workgroup>

The client requests my password, afterwhich I get the above error.

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