SAMBA Performance on shared files.

Eric Rosello rosello at
Sat Oct 9 05:51:16 GMT 1999

Hi everybody,

I already posted a similar message sometime ago regarding performance
problems when various user are trying to share a common Microsoft ACCESS
MDB file.
Thank you for the messages I received regarding this problem.
Unfortunately I still haven't managed to find a solution. It looks like
this performance problem is also visible if you try to access any file
already open by another user (at least in my case). If anybody wants to
try, just open a large file (1Mb or 2 Mb) on one machine, and then from
another machine, copy this same file to another location (so you access
it in read only). In my case there's a big difference in speed. If
nobody is accessing the file, then the speed is more or less what you
will expect for a 10Mbps network. But if somebody has the file already
open, then it takes much longer, up to 8/10 time longer.
Is this a file locking problem? I know there's problems with glibc 2.1.
I'm actually using RH 5.2 with glibc-2.0.7 amd SAMBA 1.9.18p10 and I
would like to know if the glibc bug is also present in glibc-2.0.7. I'm
also investigating possible bugs in the vredir.vxd Win95 file, but I get
the same performance problems on a Win98 machine.
I've also tried to use the NetBench programs to compare performance on
shared Win95 volume against SAMBA on Linux, but those tests are causing
to many problems on the network and I can't afford to log off everybody
just to run some tests...
Any help and suggestion will be apreciated


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