Troubleshooting help needed

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Mon Nov 29 13:38:55 GMT 1999

Hi Richard;
a couple of other things to check before you lay it at the door of your Win98 
If you have ANY other machines on the 192.168.55 network, check to see if THEY 
can ping the 
RH 6.1 machine by name or number.  The fact that you can ping the win89 client 
from the RH 6.1 installation shows that you DO have working inbound and 
outbound tcpip functionality to some degree.  The fact that you cannot ping 
from the Win98 client either to name OR ipaddress COULD indicate a problem with 
your ipaddress, subnetmask pair on you RH 6.1 server instead of a problem on 
the pc side...
Just a thought,

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