Fwd: installation on Solaris 7-x86(Needs Help)

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Mon Nov 29 12:39:57 GMT 1999

ana yuseepi wrote:
> i desperately needs ur help.
> this is my first time of trying to install samba and i
> got these lots of errors and i really don't know wht
> to do...........
> # pkgadd -d ./samba-2.0.6-nonis+-Sol7-i86pc.pkg
> The following packages are available:
>   1  samba     SMB based file/printer sharing
>                (sparc) 2.0.5

	The install starst out ok, bu then notices this
	is  the second unsuccssfull installation...

> The installation of this package was previously
> terminated and
> installation was never successfully completed.

	Then it hits a problem...
> Copyright (C) 1999 Samba Team
> Using </usr/local> as the package base directory.
> ## Processing package information.
> ## Processing system information.
>    140 package pathnames are already properly
>    installed.

> pkgadd: ERROR: unable to create package object
> </usr/local/samba/swat>.
>     group name <fcf> not found in group table(s)
>     owner name <kalele> not found in passwd table(s)

	It loks as if the package was made as a non-root
	user, kalele, in group fcf. Pkgadd is having
	problems overwriting the previous version.

> > Installation of <samba> partially failed.

	I'd remove the initial version using pkgrm
	and try again: if that doesn't work (and it may not)
	do a chown -fR root /usr/local/samba and a 
	chgrp -fR other /usr/local/samba and try again.

	I use SPARC so the x86... HEY!
	That was a sparc version according to pkgadd...
	check the binaries which did install and see if they
	are even for an x86.	

	Would the packaging folks please check, too: the
	ownership should be root, other, too.

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