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Wed Nov 24 16:08:30 GMT 1999

Interesting problem with samba and DAVE:

Running samba 2.0.4b (which fixed the last problem I had nicely, BTW). PC
Users can connect fine, but when a mac user running DAVE attempts to make
the connection, he gets told the computer name isn't recognized or does not
match. Interestingly enough, when he uses DAVE to mount the volume
manually, he can do it by specifying the IP address of the machine (which
hasn't changed in a loooong time, BTW). So the service isa there and
available, and PC users me in network neighborhood and get in, but DAVE for
some reason can't access the volume except by IP address.

Extra information which may or may not be relevant: The Mac user just
switched to another IP subnet. All the other machines are still available
to the Mac user, only this particular one is giving trouble. User used to
access this server frequently, but that was before upgrading to samba2;
since then we've tried 2.0.3, which didn't work for anyone, and 2.0.4b,
which seems to work for all the PCs, but not DAVE.

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