TCP/IP settings?

Dan Delaney Dionysos at
Wed Nov 24 15:09:28 GMT 1999

Hello all. I just set up a Linux box (Mandrake 6.1) running Samba 2.0.5a in
an office with about 25 Windoze PCs. They are currently running an old
Netware 3.1 server which this will be replacing. Their LAN is NOT connected
to the Internet, but their Netware server is setup to give each machine an
IP address using bootp. Whoever set it up assigned IP addresses at
129.47.10.x (where they came up with that subnet I don't know). Here's my
problem: when I set up the Linux machine to use one of these addresses, nmbd
has a problem. These are the error messages I get in the log:

   send_netbios_packet: send_packet() to IP port 137 failed.

   Packet send failed to ERRNO=Invalid argument

I have a limited understanding of TCP/IP so I don't know what's going on
here. Should I reconfigure their bootp server to use a different subnet? Why
is Samba trying to connect to a server at If I set the IP
address on the Linux server to nmbd has no problem with that at
all and doesn't attempt to send anything to Can anyone please
explain what's going on?

Thanks a lot.
--Dan D.

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