HELP: Connections dropping whilst processes increasing.

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Mon Nov 22 20:20:13 GMT 1999

Hi Cliff,
If you have dde on your HP-UX system you could try attaching to some of these 
runaway smbd processes and get a stack trace to see WHAT they are doing; 
perhaps catch them forking and see what they were trying to do at the time;
the command syntax for dde would be:

dde -ui line -attach <PID of the smbd process> /...path to smbd/smbd

(-ui line puts it in line mode so you don't have to deal with the xwindows gui 
over a modem)

dde 'stops' the process and gives you a prompt, where you can type 'tb' to get 
a traceback of the routines called to get to whereever the stop occurred.  You 
can then type "go", to start the process running where it left off, and <cntl 
c> to interrupt it again, and do another 'tb' to get another stack, etc - to 
see if you are in a loop, and what you are executing so frantically...  May 
help, may not...

I suppose you have already tried turning on a higher level of debugging to see 
if any useful debug statements are being generated during this runaway 
condition, but if not, that would be useful as well....

I haven't seen this behavior on my 11.0 system at this time, but it's a diag 
system, and not very heavily loaded...

Hope this helps,

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