newbie share problem

Mike Frizzell MFrizzell at
Mon Nov 22 14:21:29 GMT 1999

I am trying to establish a share (/export/home) from a Solaris 2.6 / SUN
Ultra-10 box.

What should I put into the smb.conf file to accomplish this? 

Using the Swat did not accomplish my goal.  Using Swat I could specify a
share.  But even after restarting the daemons I could not browse the SAMBA
host (Windows NT: The remote computer is not available) from my NT client
network neighborhood.  I have even had the PDC administrator add the SAMBA
host to the "neigborhood".

Are there any firewall issues?  This server is in our DMZ.  We are doing a
"FileDrive" (from demo.  And we would like to mount the FTP
sites via SAMBA to an internal (clean side) NT server that will have full
access ( for upload/download/transactions) to the individual
private/customer FTP sites.

Any help would be appreciated.  What docs/FAQs should I read first?  How do
I post to the group?  Is there a number  I can call for technical support?
Does money Talk?

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