SWAT and adding users.

Mark Tinberg MTinberg at compuserve.com
Mon Nov 22 12:35:01 GMT 1999

Our local LUG (MadLUG, Madison WI USA) is setting up a  small Linux Samba
server for a local community center.  Because much of the day to day
administration will have to be done by community center personnel we are going
with web based admin tools (Webmin, SWAT).  Unfortunetly we have run into a
few problems.

NOTE:  System is a SuSE 6.2 with a new 2.2.12 kernel on a P133, 32MB RAM

1)  SWAT does not appear to add a Unix account when you try to add a Samba
account.  Is this feature missing or are we doing something wrong.  Since it is
impossible for a user to own files on the system without a UID it would make
since for SWAT to add users both to the system passwd file and smbpasswd.

2)  We decided to create our own smbuseradd script, so that we can create the
Unix account, smbpasswd account and set disk quotas (All through the Webmin
html based interface).  We have noticed some strange behavior here as well. 
smbpasswd refused to see the new Unix account we have created (regular shadow
passwd/PAM) even though the information is verified to be there.  We have to
put a 'sleep 5' or 'sleep 10' between the useradd command and smbpasswd.  The
script appears to work on our home machines without this.

Any ideas?

Mark Tinberg
MTinberg at compuserve.com
Remember:  Wherever you go, there you are!

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