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Todd Bedell bedellt at
Fri Nov 19 16:07:15 GMT 1999

We are currently running samba on about 300 UNIX workstations / servers
across many (~30) subnets. I have an issue with browsing that I have not
been able to correct as follows: We currently run just 1 resource domain
for NT for all of our company. If I set the workgroup setting to this
domain, I can see all of my UNIX boxes in network neighborhood, but I
want to create a different group called samba_unix that contains just my
UNIX boxes so that we can separate the NT servers from the UNIX boxes
when looking at network neighborhood. The problem that I am having seems
to be a common issue concerning browsing in general and it is that when I
look at samba_unix on my NT workstation, I only see the UNIX boxes on my
particular subnet. All of the UNIX boxes have moved out of the resource
domain, but only the UNIX boxes on the subnet that the NT/95 box is on
are seen. 

I am currently utilizing the following options in samba:

remote browse sync =
remote announce =\samba_unix\macom_unix

This does not make any difference. Can someone give me some advice here
in terms of other options or more detailed info on how these should be


Todd Bedell
Manager M/A-COM Computer Systems
bedellt at

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