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Thu Nov 18 20:26:06 GMT 1999

Hey all,

I am running Red Hat 6.0 w/Samba 2.0.6. Samba is set up with
"security=domain" and "Unix password sync=true". When users access the box
they get authenticated by an NT PDC as long as there is a Unix account for
that user. This part works great.

The box is also running Netatalk 1.4b2.

I want to be able to somehow let our Mac clients and Windows clients access
the box using their NT domain credentials.

In order for the Mac clients to connect using their NT credentials I need to
keep the passwd file synced with the smbpasswd file. The way I understand it
is that this is only possibly when using "security=user". However, this
setting does not provide any "link" to the NT domain and I end up with to
sets of credentials.

Is there any way of keeping the Unix passwd synchronized with an NT domain

Paul Grondahl
pgrondahl at

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