John McCormick johnmc2 at
Thu Nov 18 04:25:45 GMT 1999

> > What do you mean?  ASPs require a Web server with an asp engine to
> > work.  I do quite a bit of work with them, but I'm not sure how you
> > would do anything with samba and ASPs.  Could you be more specific?
> Perhaps he wants to let IIS read the ASP source directly from a Samba
> server. This could be useful during development, for example if you keep
> all your other files on a Samba share, or if backup schedules give
> to files on the Samba server. It is perfectly possible to let an IIS web
> site or virtual directory point to a share, but in our experience it does
> not work well if the share is on a Samba server. (Though I do not remember
> which Samba version we were using when someone last tried it.)
> If someone has good experiences running IIS against Samba, we would
> definitely give it another try.
> Otto Giesenfeld

In fact, that is exactly what I am trying to do.  I have a very large body
of web content and a large number of people accessing that content.  I have
chosen to use Solaris as the file server and want to be able to test the
content using IIS.  The natural choice for giving IIS access to the content
is Samba.  I have figured out how to allow the IIS service to authenticate
to the Samba server and it can serve some content (HTML, Flash, graphics),
but ASP will not execute.

I realize this may be (and almost certainly is) an IIS/NT/ASP short coming,
but it has something to do with Samba as it works over NT shares without a
problem.  Has anyone seen similar behavior?  If so, did you solve the
problem?  How?

Thanks again,


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