file permissions and smbmount

Mader, Cary J cary.mader at
Wed Nov 17 23:42:18 GMT 1999

I don't want to sound stupid, but I probably will anyways, so....

what fmask and dmask options?  Where/how are they used, i.e. 
what is the syntax?

Also, what is the syntax now for setting user and group id's?

And...where is this stuff documented...I've never seen it in the 
man pages or other documentation.


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*- On 18 Nov, Mader, Cary J wrote about "file permissions and smbmount"
> I'm using Samba 2.0.6 on a Linux server.  
> When using smbmount or mount to mount a share from an NT server, how do I
> set file permissions.  An older smbmount allowed a -d and -f switch to set
> the file permissions.  The newest one does not support these.  The man
> for smbmount and smbmnt mention using syntax that does not work.  
> I finally have gotten the mount command to work, but now I can't write to
> the share because of permissions.

Can you give some examples of your command line and the resulting file
and directory permissions?  I have not had any trouble using the new
fmask and dmask options.  Although I think they are really being used
as modes and not masks.  I.e. for rwxr--r-- permissions on the files you
would use fmask=744.

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