file permissions and smbmount

Brian Servis servis at
Wed Nov 17 23:10:30 GMT 1999

*- On 18 Nov, Mader, Cary J wrote about "file permissions and smbmount"
> I'm using Samba 2.0.6 on a Linux server.  
> When using smbmount or mount to mount a share from an NT server, how do I
> set file permissions.  An older smbmount allowed a -d and -f switch to set
> the file permissions.  The newest one does not support these.  The man pages
> for smbmount and smbmnt mention using syntax that does not work.  
> I finally have gotten the mount command to work, but now I can't write to
> the share because of permissions.

Can you give some examples of your command line and the resulting file
and directory permissions?  I have not had any trouble using the new
fmask and dmask options.  Although I think they are really being used
as modes and not masks.  I.e. for rwxr--r-- permissions on the files you
would use fmask=744.

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