IP printing to Jetdirect boxes

David Heritage dheritage at fireant.net
Wed Nov 17 22:54:47 GMT 1999


Hey hey, am new so if this is way basic, flame on. ;-)  I have a Dell
Poweredge 2300 running RedHat 6.0 and whatever versions of samba and
such that are part of that distribution.  Samb 'works' from the
standpoint of file sharing and printing in a sense.  The issue is that
the printer is an HP Laserjet 4 connected via an external HP Jetdirect
box running IP.  The only connection to this box is made via remote lpr
from my linux box.  I then have that q 'lp0' shared via samba.  I was
expecting to have print jobs spooled off of my workstations so their
overhead would be smaller when printing large jobs.  That has not
happened.  The machines act as if they are just sending info through
the linux server rt now.  They get very sluggish and come back to
normal after the jobs finishes on the printer.  At one time they were
all connected to the printer via a share on another win9x box and they
'worked' (as well as any MS product can) as I would expect.  Any ideas?
 Do I need a newer dist.?  I can attach config info for the printer on
linux if necesary, but I do not have any issues with it 'printing' just
spooling/ performance.

Dave Heritage
dave at udp.net

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