2.0.6: HUP/charset/profiles/smbmount/logging

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Wed Nov 17 21:28:22 GMT 1999

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Giulio Orsero wrote:

> With smbmount I see ????? chars in place of the right ones.

On smbfs I get (without any of my patches)
% ls-F
(ls-F is a tcsh builtin)

% ls -F

> With smbclient I see weird chars in place of the right ones.

Yes you are right. The same thing in smbclient is

Either I misremember (is there such a word? :) or this is something that
have changed since previous samba versions (or is now misconfigured on
my/our part).

> I patched both kernel (2.2.13) with some hunk offsets, and
> smbmount/smbmnt (2.0.6), now I get

Yes it was for 2.2.9, but the parts I fiddle with did not change
between these. Did you then also change the kernel include:
  so that it defines:
> [root at i4 go]# mount -t smbfs -o guest //GO/A test1
> [root at i4 go]# mount error: Invalid argument
> Please refer to the smbmnt(8) manual page
> smbmnt failed: 255
> mount.smbfs: ioctl failed, res=-1
> Could not umount /home/go/test1: Invalid argument
> In messages I get 
> kernel: SMBFS: need mount version 6

This looks like you did change the include file, but that you are using a
patched smbmount with an unpatched smbfs (smbfs wants version 6, the new
smbmnt sends it version 0x1007, or whatever it was I decided on ...)

Did you recompile your kernel modules, install them and remove any old
smbfs module from memory before trying this? (or reboot if you have it in
kernel and replaced your kernel). And did you re-run the kernel
configuration to enable "SMB NLS" before compiling?


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