Samba, Clearcase, and multiple credentials

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Wed Nov 17 17:13:39 GMT 1999

Greg -

Thanks for the info and encouragement.  Could I please ask
a couple more questions?

It sounds like I might actually end up learning something about nt
here, because I still don't get it.

First off, I don't know what a 'netlogon' is.  I do know how to connect
to shares on various specific machines, e.g., to \\hostname\ipc$.
Is a 'netlogon' something well-defined, and different than connecting
to various shares on various machines?

My understanding is that one *machine* can have at most one
connection to another *machine*.  Therefore if I'm logged on as
'user1' on 'host1', and am connected to the unix-side clearcase
server, 'server1' (let's say one machines serves everything --- vob,
views, view-private storage), as 'user1', then:

There is now *one* connection between 'host1' and 'server1'
under the credentials of 'user1', and no matter how hard it tries,
the albd service running on 'host1' will *not* be able to establish
a second connection to 'server1' with different credentials, or
otherwise access shared files on 'server1' with credentials other
than 'user1' (until the 'user1' connection is deleted).

This is the point I'm stuck on.  Is this right or wrong?

Anyway, I am going to play with the vobadm account,
and see if I can get things working.

You say albd needs to create 'cleartext' and access the
'source pools'.  Could you tell me where these beasts
normally reside?  I'd like to test by hand whether I have
access to the appropriate directories, but I'm clueless
about where to look.

Lastly, could you tell me where the clearcase mailing list
(or better still, its archives) is?

Thanks again for your help.

Greg Dickie <greg at> wrote:

>  One of my favorite topics! The clearcase_albd daemon (errr service) actually n
> eeds to do a netlogon at some point to create cleartext for an element if it
> does not exist. Thus the user that clearcase_albd runs as needs to accesss the
> cleartext and source pools via samba as an authenticated user. Recently there
> were a number of posts about samba & clearcase on the clearcase users mailing
> list by David Boyce that documented this. 
>   Note that it should not cause any problems, I actually am using a samba
> prealpha 2.1.0 domain controller with ClearCase 3.2 and if I just set the clear
> case_albd to use a local account and map that account to vobadm for example on
> the samba side everything works fine. For some reason CC does not like a samba
> domain clearcase_albd account but it doesn't really affect us.

     Frank R.Brown
     Frank.R.Brown at MailAndNews

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