Samba, Clearcase, and multiple credentials

Greg Dickie greg at
Wed Nov 17 14:16:34 GMT 1999

Hi Frank,

 One of my favorite topics! The clearcase_albd daemon (errr service) actually n
eeds to do a netlogon at some point to create cleartext for an element if it
does not exist. Thus the user that clearcase_albd runs as needs to accesss the
cleartext and source pools via samba as an authenticated user. Recently there
were a number of posts about samba & clearcase on the clearcase users mailing
list by David Boyce that documented this. 

  Note that it should not cause any problems, I actually am using a samba
prealpha 2.1.0 domain controller with ClearCase 3.2 and if I just set the clear
case_albd to use a local account and map that account to vobadm for example on
the samba side everything works fine. For some reason CC does not like a samba
domain clearcase_albd account but it doesn't really affect us.


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